The Desuroom Revival is a Team Fortress 2 community server that runs the map Harbl Hotel 24/7. Since 2018, we've been preserving the spirit of the original Desuroom, which shut down in 2016.

Our server is a faithful reproduction of the original Desuroom, from the map rotation (Harbl Hotel all day, every day) to the gravity settings to the friendly fire to the atmosphere. When it comes to rules for player behavior, JTFish, the founder of the original Desuroom, described his server this way:

Tired of getting banned from servers because of silly rules like respecting other players or no cursing/racism/talking trash? Well we here at Desuroom understand you. Our servers have none of those silly rules. So you can troll all you want.

We're committed to continuing that legacy. We're a free-for-all server that allows micspamming, trolling, teamkilling, and anything else, because we believe that rules are the enemy of fun, and having no rules results in the most fun. If you agree, then the Desuroom Revival is for you.

Show your support for the server by putting our official button (courtesy of dawa) on your site:

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